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Kindling co. Package Design

Kindling co. is a candle company with an authentic hand drawn style. Each design is drawn on paper than scanned and digitized. Any imperfections remain in the design to keep it looking organic. I wanted each one to look like they belonged well next to each other and used the same color pallet to keep them consistent.

Band Poster

I illustrated the skeletons and banners in Illustrator using a Wacom tablet and then put an overlay of a concrete texture on it. The images bellow show a bit of the process and detail.

Wedding Stationery & Packaging

This is a series of stationary and packaging for a friends wedding. We started with a mood board and based off that I created invitations, itinerary, cake labels, and small wine bottle labels 


The Inlet

This company features a bar and grill and a hotel. They wanted images that they could use to for advertising on their social media and website. Most of these are composite images showing off their food and rooms.

Brave New World Book Cover

Brave New World is a book set in the future where humans are made laboratories and everyone is given a drug called soma. I made the cover stark and clinical with a simple grid layout.

Fitness Bull Gym

I created this logo for a new local gym called Fitness Bull. They wanted a masculine and strong logo. I ended up going with a style similar to that of a sports mascot.

Ecotourism Magazine

This is a magazine about ecotourism (tourism directed toward natural environments to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife) in the Treasure Coast. Each article features a sentience paraphrasing the information. What better way to show off nature than full page images and silhouettes of animals that break the normal page flow?

Everest Energy Logo

An energy drink logo targeted towards fitness and being outdoors. It combines mountains with a heartbeat for an image driven look that could potentially be recognized, even at a small size, without seeing the name of the company beside it.

Suave Sweets Logo

For a class project I had to create a logo for an ice cream parlor called suave sweets. I created textures by doing a two color image trace on swirls of ice cream and on an ice cream cone. If designer ice cream was a thing, this would be it.

Experimental Design Book

This is an experimental book exploring art and design by playing with typography, texture, color and abstract concepts. It started with the idea that art and design, while sharing similarities, are not the same thing. An artist is not necessarily a designer and vice versa. Art asks questions and shows problems while design answers questions and solves a problem.

Vector Illustration

This is a vector illustration created in Adobe Illustrator; I used a calligraphic brush and Wacom tablet to create various line weights.

Personal Brand

This shows a bit of my design process for making my personal brand. I start with quick sketches for a logo. I then tried a couple of versions of the final logo and decided to go with a rounded look because the pointed corners came across as too masculine. Then I started on the business cards which were inspired by playing cards. They always grab my attention with their intricacy so that's what I wanted to achieve.

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